Faculty Development

Help fund the first official Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum COLOURING BOOK

The first official HKBM colouring book would offer lots of fun and learning opportunities for the young and the adults. Your generous donation will fund the author, if we can reach the goal of 180,000 HKD, to create the colouring book over a span of six months starting in summer 2024… More

Engaging the Community: Education & Outreach

The Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum is the first in the city dedicated to biodiversity and the home to 50,000 specimens of plants, fungi and animals. Support our endeavours to offer more educational activities that give the public a unique view of our natural heritage while promoting environmental education and fostering biodiversity appreciation… More

Empowering Leaders of Tomorrow

Supporting UG students is a vital investment in the future of education and society as a whole. By donating to our cause, you can help us provide invaluable resources and opportunities that enrich the undergraduate experiences and to realise their potential… More

Supporting Our PhD Students

Your generosity will enable us to provide our dedicated PhD students with the support they need to excel in their studies, so that they will be able to continue conducting important research that could potentially change the world… More

Pioneering the Future: Innovative Research 

Research is the backbone of scientific advancements. Support our researchers in breeding new insights and making groundbreaking discoveries in emerging fields…More

Scholarships & Financial Aids

Your support enables HKUMed to provide scholarships for capable students to pursue undergraduate studies in the Medical Faculty, attract high-calibre students for research postgraduate studies, broaden students’ learning experiences through participation in diverse activities and training programmes and provide timely support to students facing financial constraints…More