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It’s time to have a Class Reunion

When did You Graduate?

Class Reunion

A Unique Experience at HKU

Celebrate cherished memories and support our alma mater by having class reunion dinner on campus.

Come back home and raise a toast to the friendships and bonds that all started here.


Exclusive dining experience at HKU Senior Common Room

The newly refurbished Senior Common Room features contemporary, refined and authentic Canton and Shanghainese delicacies. We present you two 9-course menu options for your liking.

Gather for a heartwarming reunion at a table for 12. Enjoy an exclusive private room when booking three tables or more.

Looking for a different reunion format? 

Don’t hesitate to inquire about our bespoke lunch or cocktail reception options, customizable to your preferences.

HKU Senior Common Room
HKUSCR dishes

Rediscover our alma mater with student Green Gown Guide

Explore and discover today’s HKU campus before the reunion dinner. Take a trip down the memory lane with our Green Gown Guides. Take a glimpse on some of the spots:

  1. Main Building Revisit the icon of HKU. Go inside Loke Yew Hall and go up to the balcony to discover all the hidden details you may have missed.
  2. Centennial Campus Visit the modern home to three of our Faculties and witness how things have evolved throughout the years.

*You may request to visit specific spots, departments, or schools for a customised tour. Please let us know in advance and we will try to accommodate your request. (Request subject to the decisions of departments and schools)

Step 1

Connect with your classmates and estimate the number of attendees

Choose 3 potential reunion dates

Fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you.

Step 2

Confirm the date, dinner package, and participant count

Share your campus visit preferences with us

Place a deposit to confirm the reservation

Step 3

Connect with your classmates and estimate the number of attendees

Choose 3 potential reunion dates

Fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you.

"Thank you for such an opportunity, where I could reconnect with my classmates and reminisce about our wonderful past experiences!​"
Mr Yuen Shu Tong (BSc 1984)
“Our dining experience in the SCR was excellent!"
Dr Wong Fook Yee (BA 1973)
"I never imagined that I could hear such fascinating and interesting stories from our seniors about the good old days!"​
Wilson (Green Gown Guide)
"Sharing a night with familiar faces brings so much joy to the heart."
Ms Annie Li (BA 1999)
On-campus Reunion
Development & Alumni Affairs Office is your one-stop-shop for a memorable reunion here at HKU
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