Sustainability Leadership and Governance: Showcasing Alumni Startups

Discover startups and initiatives founded by our alumni and learn to be a more conscious and ethical consumer! Visit us to find out more about what sustainable consumption and production means and how you can start prioritising sustainability in your daily consumption decisions, from what you eat, to what you wear and use.

Guided Lab Tours at imseCAVE

Illustration of imseCAVE

The imseCAVE is an advanced, large scale Full Body Immersive Virtual Reality System that offers vivid  and interactive immersive experience with real-time motion capture. Developed by the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering at The University of Hong Kong, it is a low-cost, high-performance virtual reality solution for design, analysis, and training in complex […]

Guided Tours at Institute for Advanced Dentistry Multi-Specialty Clinic

Picture of IAD

The Institute for Advanced Dentistry – Multi-Specialty Clinic, opened in the fall of 2020, is a major initiative of the HKU Faculty of Dentistry, with the objective to educate and train dental specialists in Hong Kong, as well as to provide affordable advanced dental care to those who suffer from severe and complex oral conditions. […]

Technology for Future Exhibition

Illustration of Technology for Future Exhibition

Thirteen cutting-edge engineering research projects led by our Engineering Professors are exhibited. From the videos and displays, visitors will be equipped with knowledge of rationales underlying these projects and their methodologies to tackle the grand challenges. Further through interactive prototypes and functional exhibits in Innovation Wing Two, visitors will get even more detailed knowledge about […]

Robotic Fabrication Lab Visit

Robotic Fabrication Lab picture

Discover the newly transformed Robotic Fabrication Lab with Professor Christian J. Lange, Associate Professor (Teaching) of the Department of Architecture. The Lab proudly houses two large-scale robots mounted on tracks, representing a significant leap forward for the Faculty’s research activities in robotic fabrication. These state-of-the-art robots are equipped with diverse end-effectors that can be changed […]

HKU Super Angel Symposium

The HKU Super Angel Symposium is designed to unite visionary entrepreneurship advocates both from HKU and the wider community to bolster the university’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. This event will mark the inauguration of the HKU Super Angel Donation Campaign, aimed at nurturing upcoming Innovation & Entrepreneurship endeavors, with a focus on the Entrepreneurship Engine Fund (EEF). […]

Innovation Wing Adventures

Student in Innovation Wing

Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing One aims to unleash students’ creativity by entrusting them to spearhead ambitious innovation and technology projects that will shape the future. The iconic facility of the Faculty of Engineering is located at the heart of the campus, offering 2,400m2 of space with state-of-the-art resources and a supportive environment. Come and […]

iLab Tours

iLab computers

iLab researchers will showcase construction technologies including MiC Trilogy and Coupler Inspector Robot, which promote digitalisation of the construction industry. Please arrive 15 min before the start of the activity to allow sufficient time for check-in. Available spots will be offered to walk-in guests after the event has started on a first-come-first-served basis.