Taste of Peace and Awakening – Tea Meditation by Centre of Buddhist Studies, Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Arts

11:45–15:15 (Pre-registration)

Sessions of Event

11:45-12:15; 13:15-13:45; 14:45-15:15; 16:00-16:30

15 persons per session
CPD-LG.41, LG/F, Central Podium Levels, Centennial Campus


The workshop aims to provide a basic understanding and a taste of the gift of the Buddha. Peace, compassion and wisdom attained through meditation. A gift that can strengthen our ability to build our own “Spiritual Oasis”. An oasis where we can rest and refuel to have a better mind in today’s hectic modern world. In this 30-minute introductory workshop, our Buddhist counsellor will offer a guided tea meditation.

Age Limit: 16 or above

Remarks: Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the registered session to allow sufficient time for check-in. Available seats will be offered to walk-in guests after the starting time of each session on a first-come-first-served basis.

Tea meditation HKU Faculty of Arts Alumni Day Event Poster