The Power of Mind – Mind-controlled Drone Demonstration by Centre of Buddhist Studies, Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Arts

11:00–15:30 (Pre-registration)

Sessions of Event

11:00-11:30; 11:30-12:00; 12:30-13:00; 13:00-13:30; 13:30-14:00; 14:30-15:00; 15:00-15:30; 15:30-16:00; 16:00-16:30

6 persons per session
CPD-LG.39, LG/F, Central Podium Levels, Centennial Campus

Cantonese/ English

This interactive demonstration showcases the remarkable ability to control a drone using only the power of our mind. By cultivating a focused and disciplined mind, participants can witness the drone’s increased stability and precision. Through this interactive demonstration, we aim to highlight the immense potential of the human mind and underscore the significance of Buddhist Studies as a discipline that prioritises the training and development of our mind.

Age Limit: 6 or above

Remarks: Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the registered session to allow sufficient time for check-in. Available seats will be offered to walk-in guests after the starting time of each session on a first-come-first-served basis.

Faculty of Arts Mind Controlled HKU Alumni Day