Campus Tour B: Modernising the HKU Campus

HKU Development & Alumni Affairs Office

11:15-16:45 (Walk in)

Sessions of Event

Every 30 minutes from 11:15

English sessions at 12:15 & 15:45

Mandarin sessions at 12:45 & 14:45

MB121, Main Building, Main Campus

Cantonese, English and Mandarin

Join us on a campus tour that delves into the modernization of the HKU Campus from the 1960s to the 1990s, a period of significant societal changes and increased demand for higher education in Hong Kong. Explore how these developments prompted the construction of new buildings and facilities, such as the iconic Main Building and Knowles Building. Witness the evolution of architectural language from Neoclassical to modernist, reflecting HKU’s ambition to become an international university. The tour highlights cutting-edge research facilities like the Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building and the Graduate House, which offers a comfortable living environment for students from around the world, showcasing the university’s forward-thinking mindset.