Campus Tour C: HKU – A Home away from Home

HKU Development & Alumni Affairs Office

11:30 & 14:00 (Pre-registration)

Sessions of Event

Tour 1: 11:30-13:00

Tour 2: 14:00-15:30

MB121, Main Building, Main Campus

Mainly English and Mandarin, can be supplemented by Cantonese

Experience HKU as a home away from home on this campus tour, showcasing how education and living go hand-in-hand for students and professors. The HKU campus transcends its role as a mere academic institution, creating a community that blends learning, work, leisure, and recreation. In this extended guided tour, we’ll uncover various sites and buildings that depict campus living, including student faculties and two of the oldest halls in HKU’s history.

Moreover, explore the Run Run Shaw Heritage House and the Visitor Centre, two historic buildings at the Centennial Campus that once functioned as staff quarters for the former Elliot Pumping Station and Filters. These structures were carefully renovated and modernized during the 2010s campus expansion for their present-day purposes.

Campus Tour C: HKU-A Home Away from Home